Organisations extending their Support towards our Vision

One Young World St. Joseph's College IIPM JMN Rao, Hyderabad Vijaya College Krupa Nidhi School of Management

If you are an institution/organisation, you can extend support to us, by placing our posters in your Canteens/Cafeterias to encourage people to act on lines of not wasting food on their plates and staff is encouraged to cook in a pre-set tolerance limit. Furthermore, also encourage your authorities in canteens/cafeterias, to care to donate the remaining food, at the end of the day, to a nearby area, which has people who are in need or government run institutions/orphanages/old-age-homes/slums(if any).

Get all your staff registered as Individual contributors to the vision under any of the above mentioned categories: Beginners, intermediates & experts. Each organisation will be given a 36meals index(36Mi), which will indicate the no of meals saved and donated by the institution. Based on which you would be given a rank on our site! The authenticity of this depends on many factors, on submission of reports and data.*

Contact us now to extend your support!

*The data submitted has to be correct to ensure right ranking. We seek honesty & loyalty levels. Hence only authentic organisations would enter ranking.