What is 36meals.com? Why '36'?

This is a vision founded keeping in mind the whopping number of about a Billion people, who sleep hungry every single night, without the privilege of being able to intake even a morsel of food for days or weeks together and sometimes unto death. This is definitely unfortunate to them, when some of us are really privileged to enjoy daily full-size meals at home, cafes, canteens, parties, weddings, restaurants etc.

But sadly it has come under notice to all of us, and does not remain a hidden fact at all, that a lot of food gets wasted around the world. What goes a waste during the time of transport to the inventory from fields, from inventories to refrigerators at home, from refrigerators to bins at home, is altogether a different wastage. Lot of organisations are working towards spreading awareness about the same. We are glad we are one among the giants now.

36meals.com has been founded to bring to awareness levels of the people the amount of food on an average that goes a waste on our plates while we are consuming & in our vessels after being cooked. When in some corners of the world there are people who are struggling to find a morsel a day. We just overlook (knowingly or unknowingly at times) the fact that we waste food at meals we consume.

If averaged around the world, an average man, roughly, consumes 2-3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). So, in about every ten days, it adds up to 20-30 meals approximately. Across every meal a bit of food is left as leftover, which is sometimes more sometimes bare minimum. But if you add up the leftovers every ten days, it amounts to a quantity, which becomes a full size consumable meal, enough to light up the face, of at least 1, among those billion, who sleep without a meal every-day.

That implies every 10th day a meal goes wasted summing up leftovers at every meal of ours, which implies 3 meals a month and hence 36MEALS every year. Hence the name for this campaign against food wastage over meals: 36meals.com. This campaign extends its arms, beyond just preventing food wastage, into donating as well. We urge every individual to go out, find a genuine needy, and be a donor of at least one meal a year & experience the feeling of satisfaction and pleasure of seeing a man not sleeping hungry.